July 01, 2022

Girls on the Run: Tinsel around Town!

November 2014


IHP received some unexpected help around the office from Tinsel, the Elf.

So this little lady, who goes by the name Tinsel, appeared in the Girls on the Run prop box. They were told that she wants in on the Tinsel Toes fun and just might be spreading some mischief and fun around town soon....

TInsel decided to drop by Integrated Health Partners to see what kind of trouble she could get into, oh I mean; to see how she could help.

Tinsel was very interested in our recent Learning Collaborative Outcomes theme, "Welcome to our Neighborhood." Everywhere Tinsel looked she saw sick and injured people receiving compassionate, collaborative care from staff. SInce she couldn't decide where to go first, Tinsel decided to get an arial view of the neighborhood. 

Next Tinsel decided to help put away office supplies, stamp envelopes and answer phones. This must have worn her out because when we came back from lunch, she was sound asleep in the Christmas tree.

After some much needed coffee to wake up, Tinsel decided to repair the printer in the IT office before going home.

TInsel enjoyed herself so much that she came back the next day.This time she attended the Medical Office Managers Association (MOMA) meeting. She ate lunch with the office managers and listened to the MIOSHA Update. Afterwards she even volunteered to type up the meeting minutes.

It had been a while since we saw Tinsel, so we went looking for her. She decided the copier was perfect spot to take a break.

IHP had a wonderful time spending time with Tinsel and we hope to run into her on December 13th. The Girls on the Run of Calhoun County are having a "Tinsel Toes 5K" run in downtown Battle Creek. For more information on the run or to join IHP in volunteering for the event, please visit their website.

Check out the Tinsel Toes 5k Facebook page for more of Tinsel's exciting adventures around town.