January 22, 2022

HR & Compliance Solutions

March 2017


Does your organization have a corporate compliance plan? Does the idea of implementing a program seem overwhelming? Do you even know where to begin?

HR & Compliance Program Establishment & Development:

If you are looking to develop and implement a corporate compliance program, IHP can help you. With Certified Compliance Officers on staff, IHP has the knowledge and experience to help you develop a program scaled to fit your organization. Through a collaborative effort, IHP can help guide your organization through some of the very basic steps of developing a compliance program, while developing goals for future program enhancement. Some of the program components with which IHP can assist are as follows:

·         Oversight for your compliance program

·         Compliance committee & a Compliance Officer

·         Compliance Plan & policies

·         Training and education

·         Standardized investigative processes and reporting methods

·         Monitoring and auditing  procedures

·         Open and effective lines of communication

·         Enforcement and discipline methods


HR & ComplianceTemplates:

In order to develop a robust compliance program, several documents and policies must be maintained. IHP can assist you by providing draft document(s) that can then be fully customized to your organization. A few examples of these templates are listed below:

·         Compliance Plan

·         Code of Conduct & sample policies

·         Employee Handbook

·         Investigative report template

·         Confidentiality Agreement

·         Disaster Response and Recovery plan


HR & Compliance Process Development:

Once your organization has made the commitment to implement a corporate compliance program, several processes must be developed and initiated. IHP can help you with designing a set of processes to maintain an effective compliance program.

Some compliance processes include, but are not limited to, routine training,conducting periodic audits, implementing monitoring methods, and documenting standards of behavior with disciplinary protocols. Other ongoing processes include ensuring adequate controls are in place with forming and maintaining business relationships, hiring new staff, and working with Protected Health Information(PHI).

Whatever processes are needed, IHP has the ability to provide experienced insight into best practices, assist with development and implementation, and provide personalized support to your organization and compliance needs.


HR & ComplianceTraining:

IHP can provide compliance or HR related training for your employees. Training programs include, but are not limited to:

·         General Compliance and Fraud,Waste & Abuse

·         Conducting investigations

·         On-boarding/orientation best practices

·         Employment law matters

·         Performance management

·         Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)

·         Harassment and discrimination training


HR & Compliance Auditing, Monitoring, & Risk Assessments:

One of the core elements of an effective compliance program is to have systems in place for ongoing monitoring and auditing. IHP offers Compliance, Human Resources, and IT Security risk assessments to determine what your office needs to do in order to be compliant with federal, state, and local laws and regulations. IHP can assist you with performing riskassessments or audits relating to your Compliance and Human Resource functions. Some examples of focus areas are listed below:

·         Employee handbook and policy review

·         Federal and state legal and regulatory compliance

·         IT Security

·         Sanction checks and licensing review

·         Employment records retention

·         Form I-9 processing


IHP can also conduct a risk assessment for your office, and afterward, provide a comprehensive and usable report along with a checklist of items to help your organization improve processes to minimize risk. IHP staff members are available for support as you work through improvements; whether it is for a quick phone call or an on-site visit, we can help you design and implement improvements.


HR & ComplianceSupport:

What if you already have your own HR and compliance staff & good programs, but need a little help? At times, you need a little extra support in walking through the day-to-day requirements of Human Resources and Health Care Compliance. IHP offers that support through advice, mentorship, and information. IHP has skilled Human Resource staff Certified in Healthcare Compliance (CHC) and Certified in Healthcare Privacy Compliance (CHPC), that can provide support and advice as you work through the following situations:


·       Difficult hiring decisions, recruiting

·       Coaching, counseling & terminations

·       Performance management

·       Employee development planning

·       Compensation planning

·       Succession planning

·       Culture development



·       Compliance  program development

·       Policy and procedure development

·       Compliance investigations

·       HIPAA breach investigations

·       Health plan requirements

·       CMS/Medicare compliance program requirements

How to Learn More

To learn more about IHP’s Human Resources and Compliance services, including those that are available to you at no cost through your IHP membership, contact the lead for HR and Compliance Services:

Susan Cook,CHC
Business Operations Manager,
Certified Health Care Compliance Officer


Integrated HealthPartners
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Battle Creek, MI 49017
Phone:  (269)425-7110