July 01, 2022

Self-Management Support 12-Hour Training

January 2018

Medical team

IHP is now offering a 12-hour Self-Management Support (SMS) training for care coordinators! This in-depth training is a practical guide to providing support to patients in our community.








The SMS training takes participants on a journey to discover self-management support and background, learn Motivational Interviewing and empowerment skills, complete individualized patient assessments, cultivate collaborative goal setting, and how to offer systematic follow up and support. 

SMS for care coordinators provides skills needed to help individuals living with one or more chronic conditions.  According to the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ), practices are able to provide self-management support in several ways including:

  • Providing empathetic patient-centered care
  • Involving the whole care team in planning, carrying out, and following up on a patient visit
  • Planning patient visits that focus on prevention and care management, rather than on acute care
  • Involving the patient in goal setting

IHP has 12 scheduled sessions of the SMS 12-hour training course in 2018.  Please see the Upcoming Events section on our home page for more details of scheduled days and times.