July 01, 2022

How to Effectively Communicate with your Health Care Provider

August 2021


IHP is collaborating with practices on implementation of planned visits to ensure appropriate follow-up, close gaps in care for preventive and chronic care services and move upstream to avoid emergency department (ED) use and potential inpatient admissions.

We encourage practices to work with patients on how to effectively prepare and communicate with providers during office appointments.  The following tips may be shared with patients to make the best use of limited appointment time:  

How to Effectively Communicate with your Health Care Provider

  • Be Organized
  • Write a list of questions prior to your visit
  • Use a journal to track symptoms and concerns
  • Make a list of current medications you are taking
  • Work Collaboratively
  • If you have worries about a treatment, ask questions about side effects or other options
  • Let your provider know how much information you want and if you have cultural or religious beliefs that might affect your care
  • Office visits can be overwhelming, if you are worried about remembering information ask permission to tape record or bring a trusted friend to take notes for you
  • Know How to Keep in Touch
  • Before you leave your visit, make sure you know the best way to keep in touch between office visits.  This may be through the nurse, leaving messages at the front desk, or email
  • Make sure to schedule your next/follow-up visit before leaving the office